Information about the Coronavirus

If you have flu-like symptoms such as cough, cold and fever, please contact us first by phone or mail. For the protection of other patients and staff, please DO NOT enter the practice without prior notice!

The protection of our patients from infection with the coronavirus as well as optimal internal and general medical care is particularly important. Therefore, we inform ourselves daily and have adapted our practice procedures.

Infection consultation

For patients with flu-like symptoms or a respiratory tract infection we have set up a special consultation hour separate from the regular consultation. Only by appointment.

Infection consultation
Mon – Fri     12:30-13:30h (except Wed)
Mon + Thu   17:30-18:30h

Regular consultation

Check Up, (routine) blood tests, ultrasound, infusions etc. are possible, as our optimized practice routine ensure that only few patients are in the practice at the same time.
Non-urgent appointments, discussion of medical findings and general consultations are carried out by phone, mail or video consultation if possible.

Video consultation

We offer the service of a video consultation. No matter where you are. And no matter if you are a new patient. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet or a PC with camera, microphone and internet.

Sick leave by phone

For patients with mild cold symptoms, sick leave by phone is no longer possible. Please contact us for an appointment in our infection consultation.

Coronavirus examination centres Berlin

Patients who contact us because of an already justified suspicion of a coronavirus infection can also call the hotline of the Berlin Senate directly on 030 / 90 28 28 28 or contact one of the Coronavirus examination centres in Berlin.

Optimized practice organization

Due to the separate consultation hours and the possibility of video consultation, only a few patients are in the practice at the same time. We make sure that there is sufficient distance between the chairs in the waiting area and if necessary we can use several consulting rooms. As usual, there is a sanitizer dispenser for your hands at the entrance.

Personal protective equipment

Since may 7th wearing a face mask is obligatory in medical practices for staff and for patients for mutual protection. Therefore we ask you to always wear your own face mask (self-sewn is perfect!) at all your appointments. We always carry out the infection consultation hour in full protective equipment.

Antibody test and vaccination

An antibody test is most significant if you are almost sure that you have had a COVID-19 infection in the last few months without taken a respiratory sample. Antibody testing is also helpful in mild cases where the symptoms have been present for more than 2 weeks and no virus was detected in the nasopharyngeal swab.

Our laboratory offers an antibody test that detects an antibody specific for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (type IgG), which indicates a previous infection. An antibody test gives significant results after 2-3 weeks after infection.
Although the specificity and sensitivity of the antibody test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus is very high, false positive results can be displayed in rare cases despite the mature development of the tests. The reason for this is suspected to be a cross-reaction with other related corona viruses. An antibody test cannot provide protection (immunity) against getting infected again.

The antibody tests are currently not covered by the insurance.

A fresh infection with coronavirus cannot be detected with the current antibody tests. A respiratory sample (nasopharyngeal swab from inside your nose) with viral test is still necessary.

The development of a vaccine will still take time. We will inform you here about the latest developments in a timely manner.

Health – Check Up

The risk of a complicated course of a coronavirus infection is strongly dependent on age and existing chronic diseases. Unrecognised or poorly controlled diseases are particularly important risk factors to consider. For this reason, we recommend a profound check up. Or you chose the possibility to strengthen your immune system with a high-dose vitamin-mineral infusion.

Further reliable information

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