Check Up

*Private medical services or self-pay

“Human health is our most valuable asset”

We live in an increasingly competitive and aging society. The need for personal well-being, fitness and long-lasting physical performance is high. Challenging this need are possible family-related health conditions, mental disorders and general concerns about one’s own health. Here is where preventative medicine plays an important role in identifying the slow onset of diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc.) as soon as possible in order to effectively treat them.

As your primary care physician I am responsible for you not only when you are sick, but also when you are healthy in order to remain so.
And because health care is a serious topic, I place a special emphasis on the area of prevention (preventive medicine). Only through regular checkups can your personal risk factors be detected and treated.

With the Check Up Comfort packages, I want to give you the opportunity to meaningfully and individually supplement statutory health insurance screenings (Check Up 18-34 and Check Up 35) with internal medicine diagnostics, in order that your personal health risks can be better detected.

My offer is addressed to all those who wish to gain an overview of their health and to use the results as an opportunity to optimize their own lifestyle.

Useful supplements to individual health care:

  • Advanced laboratory tests
    complete blood count, liver enzymes, kidney function, thyroid, blood lipids, vitamins, etc.
  • Abdominal ultrasonography (ultrasound of the abdominal organs)
    for internal medicine cancer screening
  • Thyroid ultrasonography
    to assess changes requiring treatment, nodes, etc.
  • Ergometry (Stress ECG bicycle)
    for further examination of the individual risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and to assess individual performance
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
    to assess the capacity of the lungs as well as detection of possible asthma or COPD
  • Doppler / duplex examination of neck vessels
    to assess the wall thickness and atherosclerotic changes (calcium deposits) or for estimating the risk of stroke
  • Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart)
    to assess disturbances in movement of the heart action, the pump power, valve disorders, circulatory disorders and inflammatory changes, etc.

These investigations can be performed individually or as a complete “package”. Please plan at least one hour for these tests. All results will be discussed in detail with you and summarized in writing.

Please contact the practice team and let us advise you about your personal situation, the procedure and the costs.

For statutory health insurance:
Since these supplementary investigations are beyond those covered completely by statutory health insurance, payment is made by the patient according to the fee structure of the doctors.

For private medical insurance:
Private health insurance companies in general cover the costs for the extended checkup.